Filing opens February 1, 2024, until April 16, 2024 at 4:30 p.m.

The Cooperative Districts 1A, 2份, and 3B have elections. Elected representatives will serve a three-year term on the Board of Directors. 

Members that reside or own real estate receiving service from Crow Wing Power in District 1A, 2份, or 3B may file for candidacy during the open filing period.

2024 Annual Business Meeting

Saturday, June 15, 2024, at 10 a.m. 

The 2024 Annual Business Meeting will be held at Forest View Middle School in the Cafeteria on Saturday, June 15 at 10 a.m. As a member-owned Cooperative, the Annual Business Meeting provides an opportunity for members to hear reports from officers and directors, receive the 2023 Annual Report, 问问题, and learn the results of the director elections.

To facilitate proper seating arrangements, members are asked to 发请帖 by June 13. Forest View Middle School is located at 12149 Knollwood Drive Baxter, MN 56425. Adequate parking is available in the main parking lot; enter through the main doors. Complimentary coffee and donuts will be provided to attendees.



Deadline to Apply March 31, 2024

Crow Wing Power Community Trust (Operation Round-Up®) provides an annual grant opportunity for 组织s in April. The grant historically has been given to worthy applicants in amounts up to $12,000. The purpose of the Impact Grant is to give a boost to a unique project/program, 组织, 或社区 to ensure its success.

Applicants must show that this one-time grant would have major impact for their project, 组织, 或社区. The 组织 needs to show that they have a history of success, or if it is a start-up project, the business plan must be strong and show large community support. 

Basin Bus Tour 2024

October 2-4, 2024

Ever wondered about the intricate network powering your flip of the switch? Join Crow Wing Power on a 3 day/2 night expedition to explore the cooperative power supply system. As a member of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Crow Wing Power, ensures a reliable, affordable wholesale power supply with over 7,200 megawatts of capacity and 2,500 miles of transmission lines. From Basin Electric headquarters to wind projects and coal refinement, discover the diverse origins of your electricity.

We invite members to delve into the energy landscape, making informed choices from households to public policy. This enlightening trip includes visits to key locations like Basin Electric Power Cooperative Headquarters, Wilton Wind Energy Center, Antelope Valley Station, Great Plains Synfuels Plant, and Coteau Properties Company Freedom Mine. Members can register by printing off the form using the button below and mailing all information and payment to Crow Wing Power by the deadline, while also noting any physical requirements on the registration form prior to signing up. Please contact 喀拉海 with any questions you may have about the tour.

Deadline to Register: August 30, 2024

*Crow Wing Power retains the right to cancel the Basin Electric Tour, with a decision communicated 30 days before departure.